Prayer Request for Kim Horner

As I write, it is almost midnight on Monday Night/Tuesday morning.  Debra and I just arrived in Cleveland, as I have committee meetings here on Tuesday.  We have been in Memphis since last night in order to be with Kim Horner, our pastor at Curtis Hill’s (Ritchie) this morning for surgery.

The doctors had found cancer on one of her kidneys and surgery had been scheduled for this morning at the Methodist Central Hospital in Memphis.  Kim was in good spirits this morning and was in surgery for about three hours.  Once we learned the surgery was over and Kim was doing well, we made the drive from Memphis to here.  Through several storms the Lord kept His hand on us and we are always grateful for His protective Hand.

We called while on the road here and Ritchie had received a good report from the doctor and they believe the cancer and some tissue around it was successfully removed.

I was especially impressed to see the large group from the Curtis Hill church at the hospital providing support for their pastoral family and that Kathy Burton and Trent made the trip from Ashland City to lend support.  Mike and Kathy pastor the Ashland City church, Grace Chapel.  District Presbyter, Bishop Robbie Wier was there as well to lend his support.

All through the day, Ritchie’s phone did not stop as people called offering support and he must have received a hundred text messages, and answered Facebook messages constantly.

I do not have the words to express the appreciation I have for the Body of Christ and the display of genuine love and care that was demonstrated.  We are a blessed people indeed.

Please join me in prayer as Kim and her family as she recovers.  God is good!

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