PowerHOUSE Synopsis

POWERHOUSE 2010 Class Synopsis

Awesome God : Praying Teens. What happens when teens pray?

Session 1:

This is an interactive session where we will discuss some of the issues that teens face:

• Relationships
• Depression/Negative emotions
• Finding our Purpose
• Peer Pressure
• Sexuality
• Eating Disorders
• Temptation
• Safety
• Making Wise Choices
• …….and more

Christianity is Not a Spectator Sport. No more sidelines time to get in the game!

God has called us to be Christians, which means to be Christ like. However, too often instead of Christ-like, we have become Christ-lite. We only want appear to look like Christ, by only doing as much as it takes to just get in to heaven, and nothing more.

Jesus expects more from those of us who call ourselves Christians.

He has called us to truly live a Christ-like life.

To be Christ-like is more than just not cussing, not drinking, and not watching really bad movies (that often). In this class, we will attempt to learn how to follow him by not focusing on the “Thou shalt nots”, but rather on the “go and do’s”

Dreams to Destiny

This class will take a look at the story of Joseph and the destiny God has for each of our lives.


Think of your greatest fear. Everyone has something that terrifies them, and although everyone’s fears may be different, they have one thing in common; these fears stop you from living your life to the fullest. How can we live in the abundant life Jesus offers if we are constantly stricken by fear and anxiety?

In this class, you will learn biblical principles to help you overcome fears that keep you from experiencing God’s plan for your life.

I See Dead People

A class on how to live the life of Christ while surrounded by those that are spiritually dead.

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