Mission trip – Argentina and Uruguay

Just a quick email to let you know we are in Uruguay, and just woke up. Yesterday we had a full day, visited two of our pastors and saw their churches in Argentina. They struggle, just like much of the country, yet they are full of faith, and seemed excited to see the Americanos. We had breakfast with one of the pastors family at their modest home, and then lunch at another pastor’s churches. One thing about the churches is that they are very small physically, but seem less than accommodating for their large congregations. After this we visited at the National Overseer’s home and met his wife and son. Franscisco then drove us to the airport and we barely caught our flight on time. We arrived in Uruguay safely, minus one suitcase. We arrived at the hotel in Montevideo after 10:00 pm.

This morning we are having breakfast (much different than normal) which is typical here. For some reason, instead of bacon and sausage, everyone eats salami. Not much eggs, but when all else fails, Fruit Loops cereal.

Today, we drive four hours (one way) to visit churches and pastors and then return. Tomorrow will be another full day, then we fly out to Buenos Aries for the rest of the week.

I only have Internet connection in the hotel lobby, so it will probably be late tonight before I can check in again. Just want you to know we love you.

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