Headed home

As I write today, Debra and I are traveling North on I-75 on our way home. We were out of the state over the weekend to attend the memorial service for Bishop Elwood Matthews, who passed away this last week in Florida.

It was nice to see such a large representation there from the International Offices and multiple other ministries. Everyone on the program did a wonderful job and we were all blessed, especially by the comments of his family.

Sister Roberta was faring well, although it was obvious that she is heartbroken from this event.

The service was streamed live from the local church where the memorial service was held, and I understand that DVD’s of the service will be made available for a very small cost (mostly postage).

I ask you to continue to pray with me for Bishop Matthews’ family, and that we will live up to the strong legacy he has passed on to our generation.

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