Happy Thanksgiving

This morning my eyes opened, and I breathed in fresh air, I could hear the television in the living room tuned into the Thanksgiving parade. My blood pressure was normal, I was well-rested and as my feet touched the floor, I realized that I am a blessed man.

I have a wife who loves me without condition, and I have a son, daughter, and daughter-in-law who make me proud. I have two beautiful, bright-eyed granddaughters that cause me to smile with just a thought of them. I have an extended family of sisters, brother-in-laws, nieces and nephews who are all well-adjusted.

Everything major holiday causes me to remember my parents. They died almost 20-years-ago, but I have the calm assurance they are in heaven. I have that assurance because of the blessed hope that all Christians possess.

I confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord of all, He is the hope of mankind, and He is the answer to all of the problems of the world. As I close my eyes in prayer, I do so with confidence that He hears my prayers, and that often answers those prayers while I am still praying.

I am a part of a wonderful church body that is consciously moving away from being a denomination to embracing the call of God to be a movement of God in the earth. We are far from perfect, but we have much to offer. There is always room for improvement, but we are purposely trying to find that.

As you can see, I am a blessed man. I am blessed far above my dreams as a child. God is so good. Happy Thanksgiving.

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