Happy Birthday Lindsey

Twenty-four-years ago today our daughter Lindsey was born. We were attending a district convention in Evansville, Indiana when Debra began labor, and it was such a joy to all of us when Lindsey arrived. I remember several of my colleagues stopped by the hospital to share in our joy, and my family was thrilled beyond description.

Shaun, all of eight-years-old was already telling us how to take care of a new baby, and he was so proud. Our parents, my sisters and the rest of our family were all together for the joyful event and I still remember how happy my father and mother were to see Lindsey.

Lindsey has spent all of her life living in a minister’s home. As a pastor and then later a State Overseer, Lindsey has always done what she could to help us to achieve success and she his labored through changing schools, cities, states still maintaining a good sense of humor.

We love you Lindsey, Happy Birthday

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