Haiti Disaster

By now, many of you have watched the devastation from an earthquake in the nation of Haiti. When the first news flashes came across the television, I told Debra, this looks bad…our fears have been realized.

As you may know, the Church of God of Prophecy has a presence in Haiti, so we have concerns about our brothers and sisters there.

This disaster has only exacerbated the situation there of limited infrastructure and the extreme poverty that much of the nation experiences. Previous national difficulties, including political upheaval has seen the nation suffer for as long as I can remember.

I have spoken with our Global Outreach Director, Bishop David Bryan and he has informed me that we are still trying to establish contact with our National Overseer, and with the Area General Presbyter, Bishop Brice Thompson to assess the damage. We all fear the worse, that there has been much loss of life and property. At this point we DO NOT have contact, but continue to reach out.

Many have asked about offerings for this devastating situation, and information will be released from Bishop Bryan’s office concerning ways you may help. Of course, you may send any offerings to our office, and we will make sure that every penny is sent to help.

Our General Overseer’s office will be releasing a statement, but as I am sure you can understand, patience to get good information is better than sending wrong information.

Please join me in prayer for our dear brothers and sisters there.

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