Guest Speaker for Tennessee State Convention – Dr. Tom Renfro

Dr. Thomas Renfro was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma in November of 1997. Having been trained at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Dr. Renfro understood the gravity of the diagnosis. Mantle Cell Lymphoma is considered to be incurable and untreatable. Of the many types of lymphoma, it is one of the worst.
At the time of his diagnosis, Dr. Renfro was an active member of The Freedom of Worship Church in Norton, VA. His church family would prove to be critical to him during the worst days of his battle. In fact, every time Dr. Renfro would find himself being overwhelmed by his experience he would turn to them for strength.
Thomas E. Renfro, MD was born February 7, 1955 in Norton, VA to Ed and Mildred Renfro. Growing up his parents were (and still are) active members of The United Methodist Church in Norton, VA. He graduated from J.I. Burton High School in Norton in 1973 and then he attended Clinch Valley College in Wise, VA (now known as UVA’s College at Wise). He graduated from The University of Virginia in 1977 with a B.A. in Biology. He then attended The University of Chicago to become a Respiratory Therapist. After working a few years as a therapist, he decided to go to medical school. At that time he was already married and had one son, Jason.

Dr. Renfro entered The University of Virginia’s School of Medicine and graduated in 1985 as a Doctor of Medicine. From 1985-1988 he completed his intern and residency programs in Salem, VA and was honored as Best Intern in 1986 and as Best Resident in 1988. After becoming board cerified in 1988 he returned to Norton to start his own practice. Eight years later, at the time of the diagnosis, the growth of the practice had allowed him to recruit three other partners (MDs), one nurse practioner, and a host of nurses and office personnel.

In June of 1997, the disease had taken its toll on Dr. Renfro’s body to the point he could no longer continue his practice. Reluctantly, he allowed himself to be placed on leave from the practice he had founded. After his healing on December 3, 1997, he spent most of his time and energy seeking physical restoration and spiritual growth. Finally, in November 1999, Dr. Renfro was released to go back to practicing medicine. Those things that he thought he had lost forever were restored by a God of loving grace and mercy.

Dr. Renfro began preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in March of 1998. Since that time he has been able to preach in over 100 churches, pray for thousands of people, and he has seen the story of his miraculous healing touch an unnumbered host of concerned people. In 1999 he recorded a television series called “Avenues of Healing.” He has been on several regional television stations declaring the love of God. Dr. Renfro wants people to know that when ‘all hope is gone’ there is still Hope!

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