Finally home again…

Just a little-while-ago, Debra and I returned from the International Assembly of the Church of God of Prophecy in Greensboro, North Carolina. We have been gone from home for three weeks attending pre-assembly meetings, International Presbytery meetings and finally the assembly.

Our hearts rejoice as we remember the wonderful way the Holy Spirit moved doing the meetings of the International Presbytery and the International Assembly itself. Delegates gathered from over 120 nations of the world to rejoice in the Presence of the Lord and seek direction for this movement we are a part of. We came away with a renewed sense of vision and purpose and are grateful for the knowledge that the Lord Himself has a destiny for us, and that you and I can share together in it.

In the meeting of the International Presbytery (110 presiding bishops) three new General Presbyters were selected to serve the church:

Caribbean (Clayton Martin)
Central America (Benjamin Feliz)
South America (Gabriel Vidal)

(Posing with African Bishops)
Also in these meetings, the General Presbyters of were affirmed for the following areas:
Asia, Oceana (David Browder)
Africa (Sherman Allen)
Europe, CIS, Middle East (Clayton Endicott)
At the conclusion of the International Presbyter meetings, the Bishops of North America met and selected two new members of the North American Leadership Council. Selected were:
Jeffery Davis
E.C. McKinley

Also, I was reappointed to serve the State of Tennessee, and am so thankful for the opportunity to serve.

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