Final Opportunity for Proxy Registration

An Open Letter to the Churches of Tennessee

As you know, the International Assembly of the Church of God of Prophecy will convene in Louisville, KY on July 25-29, 2012.  I am certain this will be a great time of worship, fellowship and the sharing of God’s Word.

As you may also know, there will be business sessions during the International Assembly, with the local churches making decisions by proxy.  Each church is allowed a number of votes (expressions) based on membership.  Whether large or small, each congregation has a voice through this process.

The General Overseer’s office has worked diligently to stay in touch by direct mailings to each pastor, along with numerous other electronic means.  I have mentioned this in my meetings with area pastors. 

The deadline for filing to the State Office has NOW passed, however, I will not submit the final numbers until May 15, 2012.

This is your final chance to have your church represented in the International Assembly.  I will submit my totals to the North American General Presbyter’s Office as 4:00 p.m. (Eastern time) and after that the registration is ABSOLUTELY CLOSED.

As of this writing, May 9, 2012 at 11:20 a.m., I have received 41.97% response from our pastors and churches.  Basically only four out of ten churches will have a delegate taking their proxy to the International Assembly. 

There are TWO things I want to make clear in my appeal:

1.  If you do not agree with the Proxy system, then let us work together to make that known to the BDP committee through the General Presbyter and General Overseer. I will help you make your feelings known.
2.  Not participating in the system is not the appropriate response.

There are several ways for your proxy registration to be submitted:

1.  As an attachment to an email at this address
2.  By faxing it to my personal number (615) 827-0102
3.  By mail, but it MUST be received before I email the totals at 4:00 p.m. (E.S.T.) on May 15, 2012.
4.  Contact me by Facebook private message

If you do not have the blank proxy registration form, please contact me at and I will send you one.

Please help me get this response higher, there are vital issues to be decided at this and future International Assemblies
I hope you know that I love and care for the people in the churches of Tennessee and by pulling together, we can get a whole lot more done.

God bless,

Bishop E.C. McKinley

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