Final Day of International Presbytery Meetings 2010

Today is the final day of International Presbytery meetings in advance of our Assembly in Greensboro, North Carolina. This group of 110 bishops gathers like this prior to the International Assemblies, and when called together for any emergency situation.

This meeting was our regular one, and we conducted quite a bit of business as the Presiding Bishops of Tennessee. Among the decisions made by this group were:

1. The selection of a General Presbyter for South America
2. The selection of a General Presbyter for Central America
3. The selection of a General Presbyter for the Caribbean
4. Affirmation of the General Presbyter for Africa
5. Affirmation of the General Presbyter for Asia
6. Affirmation of the General Presbyter for Europe, CIS and the Middle East
7. Presentation of the Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary Consortium
8. Presentation of the Tomlinson Center Educational Initiative
9. The Administrative Committee committed the new Vision 2020 initiative to be implemented world-wide. I have been privileged to be a small part in the development, presentation and implementation of this vision

The Presiding Bishops then met in their prospective caucus groups for more Regional business. The North America caucus consists of the Presiding Bishops of The United States and Canada, and this year new members of the North American Leadership Council were selected. The two new members are:

a. Bishop E.C. McKinley of Tennessee
b. Bishop Jeff Davis of California

As we conclude our meetings this morning, we will finish our business and vision-casting, we look forward to a great International Assembly, and we hope to see you there.

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Location:Koury Blvd,Greensboro,United States

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