Eventful Week

When I chose a topic for today’s post the only word that would come to my mind is eventful. This has been a week filled with tragedy and triumph. The week began with attending the visitation services for Sister Mae Hill of the Crossroads church. Many of you know this is Myrna Moore’s mother (wife of Pastor Windell Moore, Gallatin) and you may also know that many, many years ago she served as a pastor in the Church of God of Prophecy. One of our senior ministers in the state, Pastor Buna Lampley came to the Lord under Sister Hill’s ministry.

From there I made the trip over to Cleveland where I participated in the Leadership Development Institute hosted by Tomlinson Center. On the opening night this year I gave a brief CORE VALUES presentation, representing the Administrative Committee. On Thursday, I presented a class on “Developing Vision to Achieve Destiny.” The class was very well attended and the Lord was with us in a special way.

It was while we were at LDI that deadly storms struck across the Southeastern United States. While Alabama was probably hit the hardest, our Durkee Road church in Cleveland sustained major damage to their daycare center, but the Lord kept His hand on all of our people. We join in prayer for the people suffering, and will do all we can to assist. The Hackleburg church in Alabama suffered total loss of their brand new church building, the old church building and their parsonage. Pastor Clint Knowles and his congregation are in our prayers tonight.

As we begin the new week tomorrow, I will be participating at a Mortgage Burning ceremony at the GreenRidge (formerly Greenbrier) church in Ridgetop, Tennessee. The Lord miraculously gave our local church there a new building and now we rejoice with them.

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