Day Nineteen of Seeking

What are your commitments? What are the values that drive you to make the decisions you make? Are they grounded in secular humanism and their world view? Are they driven by an idealogical political view? We all have a world view. We all have values that keep us ground, focused and on target.

I would suggest that as a believer, our world view should be that of a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ, and our pursuit of Him. There is really on way to develop that world view. As we’ve already learned, we must repent, believe in Him and change the walk we are one. But when one is walking, a map is needed. For the Christian that is the Bible.

We are not guided by doctrinal dissertations, creeds, or the traditions of men. We are guided by thus saith the Lord. If the Scripture says something is good to do, then we must do it. If the Scripture forbids something we must avoid it at all cost.

The choice is yours…which will it be?

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