Day Fourteen of Seeking

Persistence is today’s thought as we continue our focus on seeking the Lord’s face.

As a child, my parents made the opportunity for me to attend summer youth camps sponsored by our church. It was a full week spiritually-driven activities and worship services. The campground was located in a small town in Southern Indiana, out of the way geographically and out of focus of the other 51 weeks of the year. To be surrounded by so many people dedicated to the Christian faith helped me forget about the struggles of daily life in my small world.

Each year, I would be overwhelmed by the Presence of the Lord and nothing else would matter…but as with everything else, there was an end to it and I went back home.

While I don’t talk about it often, my home was dysfunctional…even though I didn’t even understand what that even meant…it was my life. Ultimately, the glow of the week at camp faded into memory and the daily dysfunction set in again. A cycle that was oft repeated.

After being married and with a child of my own, I began to learn the lesson of persistence. I realized that my walk with the Lord needed more than just one week each year when isolated from the rest of life. The Army taught me discipline and the value of consistency.

On December of 1978 I surrendered to Christ and began to follow the best I knew how. Knowing that I could not survive this walk alone, I sought out the fellowship of the people of God, studied the Scriptures and developed a prayer life.

There were days I didn’t feel like going to church…or pray…or studying, but I knew in my heart that the Presence of the Lord was more important than anything else, and that a one week of the year experience wouldn’t work. But I learned persistence…..doing what was necessary…not just what was convenient.

As we continue our 21 Days of seeking, we begin to recognize the value of persistence…it always pays off.

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