Day Fifteen of Seeking

For two weeks now we have focused on our personal walk with the Lord. We have, in a sense been rebuilding the altars of our own life and taking a deep inward look at our relationship with God and others. Now, we must begin to look outward.

One of the men of influence in my personal walk and ministry passed away less than a year ago. Bishop Harper Hunter was a leader in the Church of God of Prophecy who served in a number of capacities. He was a State Overseer, Field Secretary to the General Overseer but at his heart he was an evangelist.

In the early years of my ministry, I clearly remember his love for people who were unconverted and the revival work that he promoted. He would ask, “what is the value of a soul?” A devout man of personal prayer, he was often overwhelmed with the “lostness” (as he would say it) of men and women away from God. He described having a soul-burden for people…sometimes saying, “when you get under the burden for lost souls, you will feel lost yourself.” I always admired his passion.

In his later years, his health was failing, but his burden for lost people did not fade. When I would visit the local church he attended, he would walk up to me and say, “what if?” Then he followed that question with a number of follow up thoughts…

What if…

Every man, woman, boy and girls in this church were to fall on their faces before God and beg Him for revival?

Every preacher began to fast and pray for the lost?

Every person in this church were to be baptized with Holy Ghost fire?

Someone in this church got healed?

Someone in this church got saved this morning and baptized tonight?

As you can see, a move of God was on His mind and it was not about his own personal opinions or views of the day. He was absorbed with a passion for people.

On Day Fifteen of Seeking I want to pose those same questions to you…What if?

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