Cleveland/Chattanooga District Meeting

On Sunday evening, folks from the Chattanooga/Cleveland district met at the Peerless Road Church for our annual Camp Meeting.  We were bless to have our General Overseer, Bishop Randall Howard and so many other of our International Offices personnel in attendance, and a good turnout of the churches.

Special thanks are in order to Bishop A.J. Coalter, the District Presbyter for that area and to Pastor Brian Sutton and the PRC for their help in arranging and hosting the gathering.
The Dayton Church children/youth worship/dance teams blessed the entire congregation, as did Sister Benson from the Keith Street church.
The highlight of the evening for me was the altar service when people spent time, genuinely seeking the Lord’s favor as we “dig out” the wells and find pure, springing water!
God has blessed and favored us with wonderful leadership at the local level and I am privileged to serve alongside them.

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