Christmas decorations and a thankful heart

Today, I spent much of the afternoon putting up Christmas decorations at the state parsonage, to celebrate the season, but also to have it ready for when our two granddaughters and their parents Shaun and Stephanie come for a Thanksgiving visit.

While trying to untangle the extension cords and figure out how to put a lighted sled together, I couldn’t help but find myself praying….yes, praying that I could get it figured out, but also that the Lord will bless my family, and help me to make righteous decisions. I am so thankful to know that God hears us and answers.

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving visit from the kids, I am also stopping to have a thankful heart for so many other blessings…you are among them. Each day, people take time out of their busy lives to read our blog and share in the prayer requests and announcements. I know there are other places you could go, but to know that many of you see the posts is a blessing to me.

I pray your weekend will be blessed, and that you will have the very best of all blessings in your life.

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