Global Outreach Day

Global Outreach Day 2018

When we hear the words GLOBAL OUTREACH we are immediately reminded of the March and October World Mission Drives, and those mission offering sent from the local church. THIS IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT from what we’ve been accustomed to.

Church movements from around the world are committing to EVERY last Saturday in May as a day to specific SHARE THE GOSPEL with someone. Oh how I desire that all of our local churches would promote this. So, on May 26th, would you PLEASE consider focusing on sharing the gospel on that day.


The Tennessee State Office commits to this endeavor….will you join Bishop McKinley?

At 98, Woman Pastor is Still Going Strong

There are several small lessons I’ve learned from Sister Buna Lampley.  First, I’ve learned that when the fire of God burns in your heart, you just can’t quit. Secondly, I’ve learned that you can’t convince me women can’t preach…she has been doing it for almost 65 years.  Thirdly, I’ve learned that age really is a state of mind.

I invite all of you to watch this space as I begin to share video clips of an amazing woman of God.

Ruby Evans honored

Dear Friends,

The following is an announcement that is from WRJB RADIO in Benton County.  Ruby Evans is a long-time member of the Church of God of Prophecy (Rock Church) in Big Sandy, Tennessee.  She and her family are life-long friends with our overseer’s parents and grandparents.

Ms. Ruby Evans (Pictured Center)

               Ms. Ruby Evans (Pictured Center)


“Quite an accomplishment! She has had a rough month health wise, but is improving. Ruby was 83 in May. It was the end of an era at The Benton County School Board Meeting Monday as Ruby Evans took her seat as a board member for the final time. She’s retiring after serving on the Board of Education for 40 years representing Big Sandy.
She was first elected to the panel in 1976. School Board Chairman Joey Cooper stated, “we call her mama so that tells you the special place she has in our hearts and her heart. She’s been a great asset to our county.”
Director of Schools Mark Florence said, “on behalf of our entire school system, our community and especially this board, we appreciate all you’ve done. You’ve been a true blessing to Benton County Schools.”
In her remarks Ms. Evans said “I’ve served 40 years and this is a great board. There’s no reason for you not to continue to be great for the betterment of Benton County Schools. We’ve worked well together and I feel like we’re great friends. I appreciate and love each one of you.” WRJB and WFWL also salutes and thanks Ruby Evans for her 40 years of dedicated service to Benton County Education and wishes her a Happy Retirement!

99th International Assembly

Pastor Richie Horner Ordained Bishop

        Pastor Richie Horner Ordained Bishop

The 99th International Assembly is now history.  From the opening session, the Presence of the Holy Spirit was evident.  All throughout the week the worship, special musical guests and especially the speakers seemed well-prepared and everything was obviously bathed in prayer.

It was a real privilege to see Pastor Richie Horner ordained Bishop during the assembly, and to see many of our own Tennesseans participate in the worship teams.  Those who served as ushers made a great contribution to the success of the entire meeting.

By now, all of us should be aware of the three CORE values that were introduced in several-years-ago as part of the VISION 20/20 presentation.  These CORE values are Prayer, Harvest and Leadership Development.  This year, the International Assembly added a fourth CORE value of Stewardship.  It is important to realize that Stewardship covers more than the financial giving, but includes Stewardship of assets such as churches, parsonages and the campground.

By the end of the week, we all left Orlando with a special unction to complete the work the Lord has given us to do.

Finally, on Sunday of the assembly, the announcement was made that the 100th International (General) Assembly will be hosted at the Chattanooga Convention Center.  Tennesseans look forward to hosting the members and friends and members of the Church of God of Prophecy.


Sharon Farruggia #Cover22 Director

Sharon Farruggia
#Cover22 Director

What a privilege it is to make a difference in someone’s life.  #Cover22 allows for a symbiotic relationship to be built that will enrich the participants and help build the Kingdom of God.  Interested?  Check us out, remember.  Mentoring matters.


You can also find our app on the iTunes store!

Intentionally developing leaders who are committed to prayer, the harvest and leadership development.

Intentionally developing leaders who are committed to Prayer, the Harvest, Leadership Development and Biblical Stewardship.

Special Time of Corporate Prayer


For twenty-one days, beginning January fifth, we will unite around specific daily prayer directives. These prayer directives are available through our downloadable resources and on our social media. Our leaders will also share additional prayer points and insights throughout the weeks to help insure our prayers are touching the most current needs.

You may also join with us by participating in a new 24-hour global prayer chain that will enable continuous prayer around the clock for the entire 21 days we are praying together. Contact your state or national leadership to find out your assigned time.

On January twenty-fourth, watch our annual Night of Prayer LIVE simulcast. During this event, you can join with us in prayer and submit your requests via social media, e-mail, or our prayer hotline.

Overseer’s Blog Update

We invite you to check out the Overseer’s Blog by clicking the link under media on the navigation bar of our website.  Along with news announcements, there will be the release of new information about upcoming events.

Be sure to watch!




United in Prayer







Across the world, members and friends of the Church of God of Prophecy will be joining together in a united prayer effort.  We invite you to join us.

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