A Post from Debra McKinley

I had the privilege of attending a great women’s ministry service yesterday morning around eight.

There was around 35 young ladies and five young men. the praise and worship leader was leading us in the song, “God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

I asked the leader of the service who would preach and she said she would.

One by one the ladies in the congregation were called to the front to receive a gift and the rest of us would applaud.

The first one called out was sleeping beauty to which there was two. Two Cinderella and two Belles. The guys were all prince charming.

I couldn’t help but to notice as each one went forward that our host welcomed them and told them how great it was to have them in church.

And I noticed that there were some with no fame and no crowns and they received the same welcome and gifts.

I was one of those in the crowd and Jesus called me out as well to His great love.

Thanks Reagan for reminding Mamaw of God’s grace and also for a great church service in your playroom.

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