A little rest…we all need it

For those of you who check this blog regularly, you might notice that I haven’t posted to it for one week. This was an intentional and planned absence from all things technical and ministry-related.

Most State Presiding Bishops take vacation either the week before International Presbytery meetings and International Assembly, or the week after. This year, I decided to waited until the middle of October. This would enable me to meet with the pastors and other leaders in small groups, and answer any concerns, questions or problems that might arise as a result of assembly or IP meetings. This is also the week that my two grandchildren celebrate their birthdays. Reagan is now four-years-old and Madison is now one-year-old.

The one thing that I came away from this week with is the genuine knowledge that I needed a time or rest and relaxation. This is something all ministry leaders need, and should be required to do…take time off.

In a recent meeting, one of our pastors said, “you are always telling us to take time off, but you don’t show us how to do it.”. At first I didn’t get the wisdom of his words, but then it sunk in on the third day of our trip. He wasn’t asking me for bullet points of how to rest, but was in essence saying, “you need to practice what you preach.”

His remark was subtle, yet effective. The sad part is that I didn’t even catch it until I had taken a day to take three naps in the middle of the day….it was as if the proverbial light had come on…I was exhausted and it showed.

The life lesson to be learned here is that we can have great intentions, but when we are worm out, we risk making bad decisions, reducing our productivity and working harder, not necessarily smarter. Similar to cutting firewood, when we chop wood with a dull axe, we must expend more energy. I am glad the time has been taken to sharpen my ministry axe, and I encourage all me fellow-laborers in the Kingdom to do the same. May the King of Glory bless and keep you today.

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