A day full of meetings

As we approach our state convention, the days get busier and longer around the state office. This week has been especially busy as we pull together the program and all that God is speaking into our hearts.

On Sunday, I had the distinct privilege to present Courtney Jones to the Lord in dedication, while Bishop Tim McCaleb dedicated Jaden Jones.

After a nice reception, Debbie and I jumped in the car and traveled to the campground to visit the Big Shot camp. On our way there I received a text message that the Empowered church was having a baptismal service at the Crossroads church, so, we altered our course a little and got there in time to see several new converts follow the Lord in baptism. What a joyous event!

We left the Crossroads church and made our way to Camp Hickory Hills. We found a group of happy campers and staff, and as always, it is such a joy to see the Lord minister to the youth and children of our state.

We spent the night and enjoyed a nice lunch with the staff and campers and left the campground headed home.

On our way back to Hendersonville, we met with a pastor and his associate to look at a proposed site for a new sanctuary. After the meeting, we started home, but received word from District Presbyter Gary Riley that Sister Lottie Beecham had passed away. Bishop Riley informed us that the visitation was last night and that the services would be today. Because of a previously scheduled meeting with our District Presbyters, we could not attend the funeral today, so we turned around and headed for Camden to visit with the family.

When we arrived there, we met with the family and reminisced with the family and friends about Sister Beecham’s faithful ministry. Arriving home late last night, we made preparations for today.

Today, I spent the day with our District Presbyters to review the appointments for the upcoming work and discuss other issues. I am privileged to sit with such wonderful men of God who bring such wisdom to the plurality of leadership in Tennessee.

Tomorrow is another day, more meetings and more blessings…but I am most thankful that it is another day of ministry, and I look forward with anticipation to what God has in store for us next!

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement as we approach our convention. I am convinced that God is going to do something very, very special among us. God bless you!

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