Nov 18, 2010

Fields of the Wood Celebrates 70th Year

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NOVEMBER 18, 2010, is the 70th BIRTHDAY of Fields of the Wood. Only Heaven knows the wonderful happenings at FOW during these 70 years! Many people have been saved–some praying at the large altar, others atop Ten Commandment Mountain, some in the Assembly House, others watching baptismal services, etc. Hundreds of thousands have visited the Park since l940 and still, every day several are coming though for the first time. We hear people say “It’s so peaceful here,” “you feel God here!” “It’s the most beautiful place they’ve ever seen!” Many have come saying, “I haven’t been here since I was a child.” They’re bringing family and others with them.

Recently, Bro. Allen was making his rounds late in the day. As he walked up Prayer Mountain, he saw a large Ziplock bag with drug paraphernalia in it–cigarettes, drugs, needles and other items. A hand written note was included which reads, “Holy Father, please hear my pray and set me free from all my sickness, mind, body and soul. I thank you dear God, the I Am that I Am, help me to walk in your holy ways. Thank you for hearing my prayers. No man can heal me, only You and your mercy can set me and my loved ones free.” (The prayer goes on further.) No one saw the man; probably this man would not lay these items down in a local church setting for fear of someone seeing him. Alone at the altar he made peace with the Lord. We never saw the person, but God knows who they are. The man did write his name down.

On October 14th, a man who has been coming to FOW for the last 10 years, came to pay his $10 ministry membership. He was an alcoholic, using drugs, his marriage in trouble. He sat down at the picnic table on top of Ten Commandment Mountain, saw the words trimmed in the hedges below, “Jesus Died For Our Sins.” The awesome spirit of the Lord moved upon him, what a testimony he has. For ten years he has been serving God, and now working on his Master’s Degree, his marriage saved. Because of his powerful testimony over the 10 years, how many souls may have been saved?

Large youth groups, senior groups, local church groups, youth camps, school have brought bus loads throughout this year and other years.

There are so many other stories we can send and we will try to on a regular basis. Almost daily, people are asking what is the story of Fields of the Wood, why the location, how did it come about, many questions which God has helped us give them answers, they’re interested and are searching for more truth.

Fields of the Wood is a great ministry and thousands are blessed yearly just from visiting our Heritage Ministry. HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY, Fields of the Wood!

-Wayne and Jenna Allen, Fields of the Wood Managers

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