URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Many of you know Faye Graves, wife of Bishop Leon Graves. They retired a few-years-ago from pastoral ministry at the Lakeside Church in Westmoreland.
Faye is VERY sick, hospitalized and undergoing radiation treatment battling cancer. She will begin chemotherapy this next week.
Debra and I were able to visit with them a couple-of-days ago and our hearts went out to them. They are in a terrible struggle fighting this cancer, doing what the doctors are ordering, but most of al trusting in God for healing.
I am asking all of my friends to take just a moment and say a prayer for healing for Faye and strength for Leon. I am asking you share this with your prayer list, which will have people all over the world praying for Divine intervention.
I have been homebound since surgery but was able to go the other day, if any of our pastors in the Nashville area would like to visit and pray with them, please message me and I will share further information.

I will be most grateful for your prayers and love expressed.