One of the methods of accountability employed by the Church of God of Prophecy is that of the monthly report.  Each minister is required to submit the monthly report by the 10th of each month for the prior month.  While there are times the minister may be so overwhelmed with the work that a late report is submitted, to go six months to one year without a report is unacceptable.  According to the Ministry Policy Manual, if a minister goes two years without reporting, his/her license is suspended.  It is important to note that the ONLY exemption from the monthly report is for the minister who is either RETIRED (who reports once each year) or is DISABLED.  Both RETIRED and DISABLED ministers must be approved by the State Overseer

The local church clerk is also required to submit a monthly report to the International Offices.  Beginning January 1, 2018, the Lead/Senior Pastor will be informed by the state office when reporting for their local church is delinquent, and it then becomes the responsibility of the Lead/Pastor to bring the local church into compliance.

More information on tithing is available from the Tennessee Office of Finance or the State Overseer’s Office.

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