Harvest Partner letter from Finland October 2016






clip_image004Lataamo (Loading Station) at Hameenlinna


I wrote in March that young adults of Free Evangelical church started a new ministry – Loading Station – that will empower and give a place for service for young adults at our place. These meetings are held once a month in our Link Center at the moment. We will see how these meetings develop in future.

Meetings have been continued. New people have visited, around 200 persons during this year. Some of them have stayed and come back every time. Gatherings are more like a big family reunion. And the greatest thing has been that God has encountered us mightily. Attendees have mainly been believers, but at least one person has become a believer because God touched him during the meeting.

What is coming out of this? We are still not sure, but it seems to be more and more like a church, or community of people who want to encounter with God and to live as disciples of Jesus 24/7.

Heli and I are privileged to be part of the development process. We are also part of the leadership team as mentors and encouragers. What a change, what a great experience!


Links – our small groups


As Link Church, Church of God of Prophecy in Finland, we are having three small groups working at the moment. Groups meet in three different locations around an hour drive from each other. Links are helping people to stay with Jesus and to grow in Him.

It is so important that Christians are getting together. When we can pray for each other our burdens are lightened and we are giving thanks to our Lord Jesus together. I believe that multiplies our thanks.

There is a possibility to share insights and inspirations in the Link meetings. That gives a possibility to model how to walk with Jesus.

Leadership team


Bishop Endecott wrote in WWM October 2016 issue, that a leadership team has recently been strengthened and is helping pastor/overseer Satila. Faithful members of the team are seeking direction to reach out more effectively to our nation.

That statement is true. I can also see that God is answering to prayers and efforts in finding the direction. One of those answers is that we are getting familiar with Emotionally Healthy Course -material, that is developed by Pete Scazzero whom you might remember from our International Assembly. He was speaking to us there and I have found his material very helpful. As a team we started to practice Sabbath, a break of 24 hours once a week. That is a time to play and pray as Eugene Peterson describes the Sabbath.

I just read, ”It always seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela” And that describes our situation well. It just seems to be an impossible task to have an effective local church reaching out and influencing the nation.

Keep on remembering us with these impossible situations here!!


We need help


We are satisfied with the present situation. We have our calling together with other Christians. We are trying to fulfill that calling though it seems to be a bit different what I have expected it to be.

There is one area where we as a Link Church are not satisfied with: our reaching new people. Pray for us that we are encouraged by our Lord Jesus to share the Good News. Pray for us that we as human beings are willing to get close enough to those persons we could reach. Pray for us that we will stay long enough with these persons so that the Gospel can be contagious.

Pray specifically for youth in Finland. Many of them are lost. They do not know why they exist. They are not sure if there is a purpose for their life.


Yours in Christ Jesus!


Tapio Satila

Overseer/pastor for Finland



Contact information:

Tapio and Heli Satila

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