This week has been difficult for many among our church family.  Early on Thursday, the oldest son of Tommy Bear was killed in automobile accident in Dickson.  Many of you know that Tommy’s mother and father (Terry and Cathy Bear) have served Tennessee for many years in the camping ministries and as pastors of several churches.  CLICK HERE for a link to the WSMV news story.

As I was leaving Pastor Terry Bear’s home,  received a phone call informing me that two of our campers, Ethan and Chris Jones had been involved in a horrific crash on I-65 on their way home from youth camp.  Ethan and Chris Jones’s uncle Pastor Bary Ray has been charged with their care after the untimely death of their mother and then their grandmother.  Early reports by the news media had many believing that both were killed in the accident.

After receiving the call, I went immediately to Vanderbilt Trauma Center and tried to check on the boys and await the arrival of Pastor Bary Ray.  Although there was quite a bit of internet chatter about the accident, I was unable to confirm the status of either Ethan or Chris.  Later in the evening, we learned that Chris had indeed been killed in the accident and that Ethan was in critical, but stable condition at Vanderbilt.  CLICK HERE for a link to the WSMV news story.

As the evening has come to an end, I am sitting in my home, shortly after 1:00 a.m. trying to make sense of all of it.  I don’t understand everything, and my thought is that we simply can’t wrap our minds around such days as this one.  However, I DO know that God is still in charge, He still comforts the broken hearted…that is my prayer for all of these family members tonight.