894425_10200683993278979_373996504_oIsaac needs your help!!
As many of you know we have been trying to raise money for an all-terrain wheel chair for Isaac. The chair we are looking at is an Action Track Chair. You can see the chair by clicking on this link www.actiontrackchair.com.

The cost of this chair is right at $17,000 and none of it is covered by insurance. This awesome chair allows Isaac to sit or stand depending on the activity that he would be involved in so he can be included in everything that we do outside.

This past summer we had the opportunity to let Isaac try one of these chairs. A picture of this is attached below. The thrilled look on his face is all it took for us to know that this is the answer we have been looking for. This chair will enable Isaac to get back outside doing all the things he loved, even being able to play in the snow or go exploring in the woods!

We have been approached by a friend, who told us that God had laid it on his heart to help in this endeavor. He asked to remain anonymous, and has offered to match all donations made within the next month! He has issued a challenge for us to raise $10,000!

So here we go! Can we work together to spread the word to all our friends, families, churches, businesses and anyone else we can think of to raise the money for Isaacs Action Track Chair? Isaac thinks we can! There will also be a gift donated by the anonymous donor of $100, $150 and $200 to the three people, teams or organizations that raise the most money!

God is good and Isaac is excited!!