A wonderful experience!
Bishop Clayton Endecott, Europe, CIS and the Middle East will be in the International Offices in Cleveland, TN for the GP meetings in April. He will have Sunday, April 28, 2013 open to minister and share about the CoGoP in Europe, CIS and the Middle East. Clayton has visited since January 2013: Finland, Germany, Belarus, Spain, just returning from a 10 day stay in Russia and he is now in Ostrava, Czech Republic (our newest country!) If you know a church that would like to hear about these areas and more while he is in the States, please let me know. It does not matter about the size of the church, as we just want to share what God is doing in our area of the world and also to say thank you for our supporters from the States.
I will not be able to join Clayton this time, but please let me know if you can give me a contact in the area.  Clayton will have a rental and can drive if it is not too far. He will be flying home the next day, 
We have pictures and reports on the nations in FB: Cogop Eu
My personal greetings to your families-
Wanda Endecott
NOTE:  If you would like to schedule Bishop Endecott, you may contact his office directly by email or send your  request to my office by email.