Ready for war?  Pentecostal movements across North America are uniting to defeat the world’s deadliest predator.  A child dies every 45 seconds…nearly 2,000 EVERY DAY…because of a mosquito bite.  She is human history’s biggest killer – a weapon of mass destruction!


And the tragedy is this:  86% of those who die are small children ages five and under…and they die from a disease that is 100% preventable and treatable.  You see, no child

should die from a mosquito bite.  All it takes is a $6.00 insecticide-treated bed net – something ridiculously cheap to us, but priced out of reach to struggling families living in poverty in sub Saharan Africa.


God has sounded a trumpet for Pentecostal denominations in North America.  The Church of God of Prophecy (COGOP) recognize the touch of God on the vision to unite in the War on Malaria.  It is an unprecedented act of compassion and unity.  Together, Spirit-empowered people want to send a love letter to the world.  We want to say to terrorized parents in Africa, “We care about your children.”


The Church of God of Prophecy is preparing to give ourselves away with no thought of receiving something in return.  The money raised to purchase bed nets will be combined with that of other denominations. This project includes community training, diagnostic tests, malaria drugs, radio advertising in Africa, and mobilizing a host of community volunteers to insure the nets are distributed where the need is greatest, all the time avoiding the risk of duplicating what others are doing. All this will be done through the well-respected work of World Vision.


We can win this war!  Malaria cases are already being reduced by 50% when a community achieves 85% net coverage.  The Church of God of Prophecy will protect and save the lives of thousands.


All 1,900 North America COGOP churches are invited to join the battle.  Six dollars is all it takes – the price of a fast food meal or a couple of coffees.  Your congregation, like many others, will surprise you with their generous response.  Across the USA and Canada pastors are testifying their regular tithes and offerings actually increased after a Malaria Sunday.  Our launch Sunday is April 28th, following World Malaria Day, April 25th.


COGOP has prayerfully set a goal of $150,000.  That would purchase 25,000 nets, and protect the lives of 50,000 children (two children per net).  Feel free to choose your own Malaria Sunday in May or June if April 28th is not available. But PLEASE, join in the battle.  Send your money directly to the International Office where your church will receive credit for missions giving.  Visit our website find more resources for promoting this great cause.  Visit to download a poster, banner, or bulletin insert.  One Church.  One Voice.  One Vision. End Malaria.


Bishop Randall E. Howard

General Overseer


Bishop Sam N. Clements

North American General Presbyter