2011 SOPAS Class First Term


Tennessee SOPAS


We are excited as the first School of Practical and Advanced Studies is planned for the state of Tennessee.  Each of the classes featured will be taught by seasoned, well-prepared instructors. 

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General Principles of Pastoral Leadership Development I will be taught byBishop Mark Menke, a principle instructor for the International Center for Biblical Leadership.  I can honestly say that Mark is one of the “best” teachers I’ve studied under, and I believe his knowledge of the subject, sense of humor and genuine love for the Lord will make this class a memorable one.

Ecclesial Identity Church of God of Prophecy History and Polity I will be taught by Bishop Adrian Varlack, a principle instructor for the International Center for Biblical Leadership.  Bishop Varlack is no stranger to anyone who has been associated with the Church of God of Prophecy Internationally.  As a former World Mission Secretary (now known as Global Outreach Director) the work of the church was expanded and strengthened.  This is a man that I have the utmost of respect for and believe that his spiritual depth and genuine love will be evident.  Don’t miss this special time with Bishop Varlack.

Theology—Doctrinal Principles of the Church of God of Prophecy will be taught by Dr. Hector Ortiz, Director of the Center for Biblical Leadership.  Dr. Ortiz has been a strong proponent for educational development of our ministers, and has led by example in his own development, and the driving force for the Gordon Conwell Seminary Consortium implementation, the leader of leaders program for the Church of God of Prophecy.  Dr. Ortiz has also served as a Presiding Bishop of several states.  You will learn a new appreciation for our movement theology, and will be blessed by the anointed teaching and times of spiritual refreshing that often accompanies these classes.

I am convinced you will be blessed, encouraged and strengthened by the classes and the times of fellowship with your peers in ministry.  All classes include class handouts, lodging at the campground, all meals and snacks. 

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