Columbia Church of God of Prophecy conducted “Decisions: Reality Check 2009” on October 21 – 24. This year’s inspiration came from a vision given to Joey Sims. The title Decisions came by realizing each of us has choices to make every day that will affect our eternal destination. The emphasis of this walk through drama was about decisions our youth are confronted with – depression, loneliness, cutting, teen pregnancy, and abortion. These were addressed with the fact that God chooses life every time!

The decisions of two teen girls were followed to their eternal destination. One died from a botched abortion procedure after having made the decision not to accept Christ in to her life. The audience witnessed her arrival in hell.

We were made vividly aware of the torture that awaits a soul that doesn’t make the decision to accept Jesus. The other girl was a sad depressed soul. She carried some hurts and was bound by cutting in an attempt to release pain from her heart. After a friend at school reached out to her with his witness about accepting Christ, she cried out in her bedroom for a Hero to save her heart from the pain she was experiencing. She knelt at her bed and asked Jesus into her heart.

After the hell scene, the audience was taken into Heaven where there were small children playing and enjoying themselves. Jesus entered with the baby that had been aborted and placed it in the angel’s arms. It was another touching scene. Pastor Clements then entered and tied it all together with an explanation that the decisions we make WILL change our eternal destination, then invited each one to salvation.

Whether it’s an unborn baby or a teen that is bound by cutting because they are struggling with their own life hurts and painful experiences, Jesus loves you and God has a plan for your life.

The message of this was heard by over 430 people. 96 of those either accepted Christ for the first time or recommitted their lives to Him for assurance of Salvation. Thank God that something is happening in Columbia, TN and we have found ourselves right in the middle of it!