It is Sunday evening as I write this post, reflecting over the past week. It doesn’t seem possible that I haven’t posted for such a long period of time, so I hope to catch up with this post, and hopefully get back to a daily post beginning tomorrow.

On Monday, I posted about the arrival of our second grandchild, Madison Ormie McKinley. Born in Cleveland to Shaun and Stephanie, Madison joins her big sister Reagan to make all of our lives more blessed.

On Tuesday, I spent most of the day in Administrative Committee Meetings at the International Offices, and sharing a great time of fellowship afterward with fellow committee members. Of course, I didn’t linger too long, because Madison and Regan were waiting to see “Big Daddy.”

Debra and I stayed in Cleveland until Stephanie and Madison were settled in at home and then we made the return trip to Hendersonville. Thursday was spent in the office trying to catch up on administrative duties, and then Friday was filled with more administrative functions. We are blessed to be able to spend time with our family when such events take place, and are so thankful for those who help us….of course the demands of the 21st century mean that we will all work in different, more productive ways.

Yesterday, Debra and I set out for a trip to East Tennessee. The foilage is changing rapidly now and we were treated to a beautiful drive on the scenic highways of Tennessee. Often we comment to each other (Debra and I) how blessed we are to be serving in such a beautiful place, with such wonderful people.

Today, we ministered at the Clinton church where Bishop Frankin and Helen Massengale serve as pastors. This was their annual homecoming services, and it seem that today was especially ordained of God. Such a musically blessed church is always a privilege to attend, and I especially enjoy it when invited to “jam” with the musicians. This has become something of a tradition as I play guitar (or other stringed instruments) in the worship service, and after the message, I have the privilege of playing the piano with their band while the meal is being prepared for the congregation.

On the trip home, we decide to take a little more time than usual, and went a little out of the way to enjoy the majesty of God’s creation in full bloom. Traveling the “Tennessee Scenic Highway” we crossed from North of Knoxville and stopped at the small town of Rugby, Tennessee, a small town modeled after what you might find in the United Kingdom. It was a relaxing trip for the rest of the evening, and as we crossed the bridge (Hwy 109) outside of Gallatin, we enjoyed looking across the lake to see the sun set over Hendersonville. With the fall colors reflecting off the lake, the “red” glow of the evening sky was breathtaking. God is so good.

We look forward with anticipation to the wonderful works of God among our churches of Tennessee, and are so thankful to be in the center of His will.