Dear Fellow Pastors and Ministers,

Thank you for the wonderful response to our bi-district fellowship service! What a wonderful spirit of worship and fellowship that was felt. Thank you for boosting this in your local churches and thank you for your friendship and support in our districts.

It was so good to see representatives from 13 churches with 222 people from these churches coming together to worship the Lord and to fellowship with one another. That is one part of the beauty of the Body of Christ.

Thank you again for the generous love offering of $830.00 that was given to help Bro. James Mackens who is still recovering from surgery and the congregation at Cumberland Furnace. May God richly bless everyone of you for your generosity.

Special thanks to Bro. Terry Bear for the timely and anointed message he brought forth last night. And to all the singers and musicans that blessed our people. Thank you Burns youth dept. for a fine drama presentation that blessed all the people. Keep up the good work.

I sincerely appreciate everyone of you and I pray for our Heavenly Father to send blessings upon top of blessings to you, your families, and to each congregation as we press onward into this last day’s harvest. May God send the “Spirit of Revival” to everyone of our churches as we look to God for direction and inspiration for the work we are called to do.

Thank you again for your continued support!

For the cause of Christ,
Bro. Gary Riley, area presbyter