The Arrowhead Church in Knoxville celebrated their 30th year in their present location. Formerly known as “Ward’s Chapel” and the “Vestel” church, this local body is making a great difference in their community and beyond.

Debra and I were pleased to be with the wonderful people there, and also to meet the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of some of our ministers who have passed so long ago, notably, the grandchild and great grandchild of Z.R. Young.

Pastor Terry and Sharon Barnwell did a wonderful job, and their team performed with excellence as usual.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to share with many of the friends of the church who were watching the live video stream of the service. What a great A/V team!

I am always so thrilled to see local churches move forward with vision and a commitment to reach a lost world, staring in their own community.