Early this morning, Debra and I left the house early in order to visit with the church at Tullahoma. We had a great drive over and really enjoyed the trip. The church at Tullahoma extended us a great welcome, and Pastors William and Barbara Pritchett presented us with a special gift because they were not able to attend the pastor’s luncheon at the beginning of the 2009 State Convention. During that luncheon, Londa surpised Debra with a “candle” shower and Sister Pritchett gave Debra a beautiful candle, and because I was given a “birthday” shower of cards, Sister Pritchett presented me with the most wonderful chocolate cake you’ve ever put in your mouth. What a sight it must have been to see us driving from Tullahoma to the interstate eating cake off the plates she gave us. We had a great service, with excellent worship and the anointing was fresh.

After services, we joined the Pritchetts at the local Red Lobster for a great lunch and beautiful fellowship. God is so good to us to allow such wonderful people to cross our paths. After the nice lunch, off we were to Birchwood, a small community North of Cleveland.

Pastor Kevin and Vicky Martin and the church at Birchwood gave us a warm welcome, and we were blessed with the worship, the genuine fellowship of the saints. In that I have meetings for the next two days in Cleveland, we FORCED OURSELVES to go to Shaun and Stephanie’s house to spend the nights and see our first grandchild Reagan. Her little sister is due in about two months.

At the end of the day, our bodies are tired but our spirits are refreshed. I believe with all of my heart that God is doing something very special among our churches in Tennessee. He is pouring a fresh anointing on our pastors, their families and our churches. I am so blessed, privileged and honored to serve among such wonderful people. May God bless you!