Dear Friends,

It has now been well over one week since I last posted on our blog. Debra, Lindsey and I made a trip to Nassau, Bahamas where we rested, relaxed and recuperated. This trip had been planned since the spring of the year and it was really needed. While most overseers take the week after their convention to relax and unwind, we chose rather to wait a few weeks to handle unfinished business so the vacation would be as trouble-free as possible.
Our flight left early last Monday from Nashville, and by early afternoon we were going through customs at Nassau. It was a great week of rest, and I didn’t really know how needed it was until I returned to Nashville yesterday. Debra and Lindsey took in a lot of the sights and they allowed me to read a couple of books I’ve been trying to read for over a month. I rested, listened to music and one whole afternoon I simply sat in an overstuffed chair quietly reflecting and meditating on the work of God in general, and for my personal ministry in particular.
Now we are back to the work, rested and ready. Tomorrow, the District Presbyters will be meeting with me in my office as we plot out the next twelve months of work, and a state staff meeting will follow shortly to set important dates.
A special thanks to all the District Presbyters and the state staff who covered for me to allow this much-needed rest.
Please check back daily, as information will be released concerning the work of the Church of God of Prophecy in Tennessee.