Many of you follow our blog on a regular basis, and for that I am absolutely thrilled. In the rush of every day life, it is often difficult to continue to share on a regular basis to keep my friends and ministry colleagues updated.

As you know, our convention was a wonderful experience, and I continue to hear kind remarks about the facility, the services and the anointed preaching of the word. Special thanks to all who made the convention a success.
We returned home on Sunday night and as could be expected, we were absolutely exhausted. On Monday, the day was spent unpacking and unwinding from the weekend of ministry. As always, there was some work that still needed completion, and I did my best to take care of it. Debra spent time in the office and made sure we were up-to-date on calls and mail.
At about 10:00 p.m., the Lord seized my heart that I needed to travel to Lakeland, Florida to pray for our State Bishop and show moral support for him as he moderated his convention. While the word was not really released, we knew that he was struggling with pancreatic cancer.
One of our former pastors (who is no longer a minister in COGOP) was hospitalized in Nashville, and one of our current pastors was in the hospital in Crossville. I rose early and visited the pastor in Nashville while Debra packed our clothes for the trip and made sure things at the office were up-to-date. I picked her up and off we went to Crossville.
After a wonderful visit with Pastor Thomas Hale, we had lunch with our District Presbyter, Bishop Freddie Harding and Juanita. Then we were on our way to Florida. We made it as far as Dalton, Georgia and decided to stop for the night and rest.
The next morning, we were up and on our way. That day, we made it as far as Gainesville, Florida, and because of the heavy rain (and approaching darkness) we decided to stop and spend the night there.
The next morning we completed the trip and arrived in Lakeland in time to shower and get ready for the evening services. Staying at the convention host hotel made this a lot easier, and we were blessed to rest a few minutes before the meeting.
The evening service was a good one, and we prayed with Bishop Larry Dotson and his family. Bishop Sam Clements, our North American Presbyter changed his plans to be in Nebraska and made the trip there, and Bishop Robert Davis, the Overseer of Virginia was there as a guest speaker. Dr. Hector Ortiz, was the International Offices representative. We all prayed for Bishop Dotson as he arrived, and then later, we all went to the green room to pray for him again. He gave a noble effort to moderate the convention, and I was proud to know him, and have him as a friend. His condition was critical, but he pushed beyond all of that, with the loving support of his wife Frankie and the rest of the family.
On Saturday morning we started back to Tennessee, but since we were driving through Macon, Georgia, we decided to spend Saturday night and be with Bishop Billy Adams and his wife Charlotte for their convention in Georgia. Bishop Adams preached an anointed message, as did International Offices representative Trevor Reid.
After the morning session, we had lunch with the Adam’s family and the Reid’s and then left and started home. We drove all the way home and of course were exhausted.
With our office work that week, we caught up and decided to drop in on the Kentucky State Convention to be with Bishop Scott and Brenda Gillum. Bishop Sam Clements was the representative and we enjoyed hearing his anointed message, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in their convention. Many of you know that Debra’s parents pastor at Central City, Kentucky, so that gave us the opportunity to spend some time with them.
When all was said and done, we had been in four state conventions, and were blessed to attend. This week, it was to Cleveland to meet with church pastoral committees and an Administrative Committee meeting yesterday.
It was while there that we learned of the passing of Bishop Dotson, and depending on the funeral services, we wanted to go and support the family, however, because the services are on Saturday and we have unchangeable travel schedules, I knew we could not make it back to Tennessee in time.
As you can see, this has been a month of travel, of fellowship with the saints. We’ve had emotional highs and broken hearts, but the constant in all of this is the love of God and His guiding providential hand. I am thankful for His constant mercies, and for cell phones that allowed me to stay in touch and deal with issues as they arise in the state.
I am so thankful for your prayers, and I believe God has great things ahead for all of us. Our constant prayer is for you and the work of the Kingdom. May God bless and keep you.