My dear friends,

I am so happy that you stop by on a regular basis for updates on the events taking place in Tennessee. Our state is filled with precious, loving people who desire to follow the Lord and find His will for their lives. Of course, there might be one or two “knot-heads” but they probably don’t attend our churches.
As we approach the final weeks before the convention, all of us at the State office are working hard to complete preparations to make this a most memorable convention. Today, I am sharing a few needs, hoping you can help us “fill in the gaps” of information needed.
1. Deceased minister/spouse acknowledgments. In an earlier blog post, I asked for you to help me ensure no one is overlooked in this very special moment. You have responded, and many of you sent pictures and short biographies about your loved one. I am putting out the call once more with this simple request:
If you know of a Tennessee Bishop, Deacon, Lay Minister or the spouse who has passed away since August 1, 2007, will you please share that information with me at:
During the convention, we will have a video display set up for everyone to see, and then on Sunday morning of the convention, we will honor them during the consecration/ordination service. I want your loved one to be included.

2. Updates

It is my intention to post special information concerning the convention here, and also at our special site set up for the convention. You may view the other site by clicking here.
3. Youth Afterglow

On Saturday evening, after the evening service, there will be a special afterglow service for the youth, which is in addition to their time on the program. I invite you to remind the youth of your church about this.

4. Special Ordination Service

On Sunday morning of the convention, there will be a special ordination service for those who have been licensed in the past two years.

5. Prayer

I am requesting you join me in this very special moment of time as we approach the convention, seeking the Lord to work among us and bless the people of Tennessee.