Tonight, I spoke with Amanda Moore concerning her husband, Sgt. John Moore. He is currently in Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Many of you have followed John’s story on our blog, and from multiple email prayer chains.

Shortly after a reception was given for John and Amanda at White Bluff, Tennessee, John developed a high fever and was rushed to the Army hospital at Fort Campbell. He was later sent via medical flight back to Walter Reed, where his left leg was amputate below the knee.

John and Amanda are one of the most resilient couples I have ever known. Their spirits have been high even though this has been a long process of recovery. Today I learned that he has developed blood clots in one of the lobes of his lungs, and he is being aggressively treated by the medical staff at Walter Reed.

John is in serious need of prayer now…and his wife is there supportive of him, and she needs our prayers too. This is a VERY special couple to us, and they have many friends across Tennessee and beyond following their story. I am asking you to help me get the word out to everyone you know, and asking for your to agree with me in prayer for this family.

Since being critically wounded by a road-side improvised explosive device (IED) just outside of Baghdad, Iraq. An anti-tank round, enhanced by a propane tank was detonated underneath his Stryker vehicle, and had it not been for a medic who practiced excellent “battlefield” first aid, John would not have survived.

Let us come together as the people of God to pray for John and all of the other valient men and women who bring freedom and liberty to oppressed peoples everywhere. They are NOT politicians, but rather they are soldiers who hold to the values of duty, honor and country, and follow orders. Following those orders put them in harms way, and in so doing, they defend our very freedoms enjoyed in the United States of America.

Remember, freedom is not free, and liberty comes at a great price…in this case John is one of those who has laid his life on the line, and we honor him and all the others who have become casualties of these ideals. Will you please join me in this special prayer?

May God bless you.