Many of you have heard by now that a tornadoes raced across middle Tennessee this afternoon, leaving death and destruction in their wake. As of this post, at least two have died, and near 35 have been wounded.

I have spoken with our Pastor, Verlin Thornton, who has informed me that he was forced to take shelter in the midst of the storm, but he is safe, along with his wife Jean. I have tried to make contact with former overseer, Bishop Eugene Weakley but because of the loss of services, have failed to this point. Pastor Thornton informed me that he has check on them and they are okay, and other members of the church have suffered some damage, but no loss of life or injury.

Please join me in prayer for the people of Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas during this difficult time. I will update the blog as I hear of more information from there, or our church folks in the surrounding communities.