Dearest Bishop McKinley,

Kindest Christian greetings. First a note of appreciation to you and the many Brothers and Sisters in Tennessee for the prayers and concerns expressed during the recent time of illness for my wife, Joann, (48 years and counting).She entered the hospital February 16 for a total knee replacement surgery, which was completely successful.

However, a blood clot soon formed (3 days later) in same leg and a filter was surgically implanted in the stomach area to keep blood clot from moving to the heart, lungs or brain. This was successful.The blood thinner (cumadin) then was given her.

Unfortunately this caused another blood clot (because of a substance in it). Actually the substance is the same as in rat poison that can find a bruise of some type of abnormality and attach itself to it.

This created over a week time the forming of an immense size blood clot in the other leg. I have never seen anyone at any time suffer as Joann did. The doctors could not determine what this was. Finally after several days they determined…blood clots.

They surgically removed two clots from her the size of two softballs, or a cantaloupe, their description. This was not the end however, she continued on the cumadin, and the same thing occurred. Go figure. this was removed, as well, and their description was, the size of a softball.

Now,no longer is there any blood thinner. She has had for about 4 weeks and possible 3 more weeks a wound-vac which is attached to her leg and fastened to her body. We are in hopes in 2-3 weeks the “Vac” will be removed.

She was in the hospital/rehab/hospital/rehab for 47 days. We are greatly encouraged as progress is being made. In fact we are to go to Kansas in May for a grandson graduation and she hopes to spend as least 2 weeks in Wentzville, MO to see a grandson that has been born during this time.

Thanks again for prayer and concerns from your and your staff and many people around the nation as well as the world.

Sincerely, Cliff