On Thursday, Debra and I left Nashville enroute to Newark, N.J. where Debra was scheduled to teach one class, and deliver the main General Session on Saturday for the Regional Ladies Retreat in the N.E. United States.

It was my intention to take the Amtrak train from Newark, N.J. to Washington, D.C. to visit with Sgt. John Moore, who has been there since January recovery from an improvized explosive device (I.E.D.) just outside of Bagdhad, Iraq. Many of you became acquainted with Sgt. Moore as we visited the districts and shared his story.

I was able to find a train to Washington, D.C., but the return trip to Newark, N.J. was almost impossible (getting at train out of D.C. on a Friday is a mess), and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make the visit.

On Thursday evening, while at dinner, Debra and I dined with Bishop J. Croyle and his wife Bess (Overseer of Pennsylvania) and I mentioned my attempts to get to D.C. on Friday. Bishop Croyle said, “I drove my car here, why don’t you just take it?” I hesitated and said I would like to try one more time to find a returning train, not really wanting to drive down the New Jersey Turnpike to D.C. Later that night, I asked Bishop Croyle if he was sure it would be okay to take his car…his response was priceless…”It’s a Chrysler 300 just like yours and you should be able to drive it.”

I called Sgt. Moore and asked if I could come visit him and he seemed excited at the thought…he told me, “Amanda is here, and its her birthday tomorrow.” I then asked if I could come take them to dinner to celebrate and we agreed to meet. After offering anything at all, they chose Red Lobster in Silver Springs, Maryland, and I told them I know right where that’s at!

We met there and spent a wonderful time together, and we shared a meal, conversation and I was so blessed. The drive was almost four hours each way (mostly due to terrible weather) but the time seemed to fly by.

I was also happy to learn that John will be transferred to Fort Campbell, KY (it actually straddles the KY & TN state line) just outside of Clarksville, TN in a couple of months. That would make it so much easier for the family.

While at the restaurant, John and Amanda shared how the people of Tennessee and beyond have been such a blessing, sending cards, care packages and more. If you would like to send a card, here is the address:

Sgt. John Moore

Malone House

6900 Georgia Ave, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20307

Also, please join me in prayer for John, Amanda and their children. God is good!
Oh, by the way, when I returned Bishop Croyle’s car keys, he said, “I would have been offended had you not taken my car.” Thank you Bishop.