The Shelbyville church just ended a three day revival. March 27th thru March 29th. Brother Rick MaHarrey of Genisis Worship Center in Lavergne along with the Southern Gospel group, Judah of which he is part where our guest speakers.

The Holy Spirit feel on just about everyone in some form or fashion. We had people dancing who could barely walk. Others slayed in the Spirit. The Lord was most certainly there with us.Brother Dotson was, “bubbling” all over the place.

We felt really blessed to have a man of God like Brother MaHarrey come and hold this revival for us. Our God is so good.

Also, our church now has a web site on MySpace. You can get there by typing in Church Of God Of Prophecy/ Shelbyville. It is just another way we are trying to reach people in the world and trying to make a place with some many bad things into a place with the good things.

Gail Claxton