The Church in Lebanon has been greatly blessed by the Lord! Our last revival with Brother Kevin White was one like we used to have with many Holy Ghost blessings and experiences. The revival continued for three weeks. We even broke for two nights and did not interupt the height of the Spirit! There were seven saved, four sanctified and six received the Holy Ghost, with five of these being grown men. There were seven baptized in water and two joined the church.

Revival spirit is still growing! We can’t wait for the next revival with Brother White, April 12th.

The yout has greatly increased to 30-35 and we have three vans picking them up around our community. [Many] of these children have never been to church, coming from home lives with many issues, but with God’s help we are trying.

We sent a large box of many articles, including a CD/DVD player to Sgt. John Moore in Washington, D.C. He is a military man wounded in Iraq. He and his family are connected to the Crossroads church.

We also dedicated two small children to the Lord. God is wonderful!

Janice Wallace
Lebanon Church