Dear Pastors and Area Ministers,

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you once again for your support on this upcoming weekend’s event.

1Night started two years ago as a vision of Jeff Jones and myself. We wanted to have an opportunity to reach, connect with and minister to youth. The only problem was we knew that church is not always the best place to reach the “unchurched”. So, 1Night was born. 1Night is not church but rather a night for youth to come together, bring their friends and have a safe, fun night. They are able to enjoy numerous activities and all we ask is that they give us 15-20 minutes of the time where a minister gives them a “quick mini-sermon”. Last year through this “quick mini-sermon” 68 of the 275 young people who came gave their heart to Christ for the first time; about 50% of all in attendance did not even attend church.

We ask that ever member on staff to find one young person there that night an try to connect with them. This became more than just a vain request to one of our church’s regular supporters from the Watertown area. Two years ago during the first 1Night, she connected with one of the young people who did not attend a church. God has still given her the opportunity to minister to him regularly through myspace. Through this outreach, God touches lives.

We have never ask for money to help fund this ministry but rather depended on God to provide. God has blessed us this year with an anonymous donation that will help to cover renting the Gallatin Civic Center for the event.

My Pastor Brother Leon Graves from the Lakeside Church in Westmoreland has agreed to join us in prayer during this Wednsday night’s service. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to do the same. James 5:16 says …..The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. All I am asking is for you to cover this event in prayer.

Although this is not a “church” event as it is not associated with any one single church or even denomination, I would like to invite you as a pastor or minister to attend. These young people need to see Christian role models here because they may not see them at home. Once again, thank you for your support. If you do plan to attend let me know. I would love to have join us for our prayer time at 9:00pm before the kids arrive.

Once again let me say thank you for all your support. The one thing I am learning from my pastor It’s not about the name on the church, It’s about the name of Jesus. I hope we can spread name of Jesus this weekend to a lost generation trying to find themselves.

Gallatin Civic Center
March 20, 2009

Thank you,

Robby George