Dear Friends:

Unless there is a miracle soon, it would appear that my Dad is in the final days/weeks of his life. Over the past weekend, he received two blood transfusions. He has been accustomed to having this done every 10 to 40 days. The Doctor has informed Dad that he is out of options and is recommending hospice. Under hospice, there would not be the availability of blood transfusions. Without divine intervention, he cannot live long without them.

I will be going to Crossville in a bit to visit with Dad and take care of some related business for Mom. Mom is very weary, but her spirits are good.

Barbara’s Dad is also now bedfast and not eating. He is experiencing abdominal pains and vomiting. He has pancreatic cancer and was given six months to live back in July 2006. He is already under hospice care and his condition continues to deteriorate.

Barbara’s Mom is also in bad condition and is only hanging on because she feels that her husband needs her. She needs a touch from God.

Thank you for your prayers. God’s grace has been more than sufficient for us!


Paul Holt