t is a little after midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning and I just arrived in Cleveland to prepare for services in the morning (Sunday). I wanted to take just a moment to post a message about funeral services today.

This morning, I arrived in Michie, Tennessee for the funeral of Connie “Horner” Lawson. The church was full! An amazing thing considering the blowing, cold weather. The services were beautiful as Pastor James Lawson spoke, along with Sister Horner’s children and friends. Dr. Roy Bennett, the pastor of the Michie church preached an magnificant sermon and the services were closed by a song from Perry Horner and a prayer by Kay Horner.
The graveside services were officiated by Dr. Bennett, and I spoke a few words, followed by encouragement and a prayer by Dr. H.E. Cardin.
Again, I am so impressed by the love shown from our family. There was a large group of Peerless Road Church members and staff (Perry & Kay Horner are members there) along with a host of friends. What a wonderful movement we are a part of! God bless.