On Sunday morning, Debra, Lindsey and I were blessed to participate in the first anniversary services at the Empowered Ministries Church in Dickson, Tennessee. The church was filled with an expectant crowd and it was wonderful to see many who were there one-year-ago, as well as the new folks that have become a part of the ministry there since then.
The service kicked off with the youth dance team making a special presentation and was followed by praise and worship led by an able worship team. Those of you who read our blog on a regular basis know that we organized the church one-year-ago with 72 members, and on Sunday the attendance was 144. I was thrilled to see such a large crowd, and when I commented about it, was told that a few Sundays ago there were above 220 in attendance.
Pastor Mike & Rhonda Jennette and the staff there are doing a wonderful job as they reach out to the community and beyond.
Congratulations Empowered family!