I must admit something. For the past 27 years of ministry, I’ve had a real appetite to read. I’ve read just about anything available, and have over those years gathered quite a diverse library. Most preachers are like that.
About fifteen-years-ago, a church member put a book in my hands that absolutely changed my life. The book is A GRACE AWAKENING by Dr. Charles Swindoll, and it is such a good book that I’ve read it through multiple times. In fact, before the next year is out, I will probably read it again.
I also have the habit of reading multiple books at the same time…no, I don’t mean literally, but I will read a chapter or two a day of several bookss. I’ve found this to broaden my knowledge and help me to learn quickly. However, this past week, I bought a book that I started reading, and I literally kept reading it until I finished it this morning. For the first time in years, I’ve read it through without picking up the other three I was reading at the time.
The book? I’m glad you asked. BEING CHRISTIAN Exploring Where you, God and Life Connect by Stephen Arterburn and John Shore.
(ISBN978-0-7642-0426-5 for those of you who might want to look it up at your favorite Christian bookstore)
This book IS just what it says. I found it enjoyable to read, and a valuable source for new Christians and those of us who have been around a while too. Last night, Debra came into the room and asked, “is that a good book?” My reply came out before I realized what I was saying, but it was something like this: “This book would have saved me a lot of heartache had I read it when I was first saved.” Of course, it wasn’t in print then, but I think you get the idea.
I would challenge all of you to stop by the bookstore and take a peek at the book, and let me say, I GET NO COMMISSION FOR THIS, ABSOLUTELY nothing, except for the ability to recommend something that could help you in your Christian walk.
If you are one of those who thinks the only good reading material is found in the ANTI-NICEAN FATHERS, then this book will probably seem like fluff to you, but I found it to lay again the principles and precepts all Christians need to learn at the beginning, but to also be reminded of once you’ve been a believer for a long time.

God bless you is my earnest desire.