It doesn’t seem possible that seven years have passed since the horrible day that America changed forever. Extremists commandeered aircraft that turned modes of transportation into weapons of death and destruction.
That day the lives of countless millions changed. The victims of the terrorists of 9/11 who lost their lives weren’t the only ones who suffered. Their families have been forever affected and changed as their loved ones were taken from them so suddenly and in such a traumatic way. The victims at the Pentagon, the Twin Towers in New York and in a field in Pennsylvania were the result of hatred and twisted truth. We must never forget.
Our soldiers have served on the battlefields of foreign lands, our family members were deployed to bring freedom and liberty from the hands of dictatorial regimes, and to protect our way of life.
Please join me today in prayer for our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, for our law enforcement officers, emergency medical and other first responders. We need to pray for their families. We must honor these men and women who risk their lives for us, and be sure to thank them for their service.
We will pray for our leaders and pray for peace. May God bless you.